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          This part of TOEIC consists of thirty items. Each item consists of a question on the audio program followed by three possible responses (answers) to the question, also on the audio program. Your job is to decide which of these three best answers the question. Between each item is a five-second pause. Part II problems do not involve any reading skills; therefore, this part is considered a "pure" test of listening skills. Your test book simply tells you to mark an answer for each problem.



          1. There are no answer choices to consider before or while the item is being read. You should just concentrate on the question and the three responses on the audio program, and pay no attention to the test book.

          2. Try to identify the type of question (information question, yes/no question, alternative question, and so on). The correct response, of course, often depends on the type of question being asked.

          3. Try to eliminate distractors.

          4. Don't mark an answer until you have heard all three responses. When you hear a response that you think is correct, rest your pencil on that oval on the answer sheet. If you change your mind and hear a response that you think is better, move your pencil to that choice. Once you have heard all three responses, mark the oval that your pencil is resting on. (This technique helps you remember which choice you think is best.)

          5. If you hear all three responses and none of the three seems correct, take a guess and get ready for the next item.

          6. There is very little time (only five seconds) between items in Part II. You need to decide on an answer and fill in the blank quickly to be ready for the next item.

          * Testing Points and Skill-Building Exercises

          A. Information Questions

          B. Yes/No Questions

          C. Other Types of Questions

          D. Recognizing Sound/Meaning Distractors

          E. Recognizing Other Types of Distractors.

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